General questions

Will Sound Booster increase volume in my favorite program X ?

Yes, Sound Booster can increase volume of any Windows application. For example, it can be a web browser or a media player.

What operating systems are supported ?

Sound Booster supports all major Windows OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 both 32 and 64 bit.

How does Sound Booster work ?

Sound Booster interacts with every application in system that plays sounds, in order to process its output audio stream before it will reach sound card’s input.

Activation and licensing

What is the activation?

Activation helps reduce software counterfeiting, which helps ensure that customers receive the software quality they expect.

Activation means that a specific product key becomes associated with the hardware it is installed on. Once you have used the product key for the specified number of times on the same or different computers, that product key can no longer be used for activation on other computers. Activation is mandatory. After trial period expires, you must activate the software to be able to continue using it.

During activation, product key information is sent to Letasoft, such as:

  • The product code, which is a five-digit code that identifies the product you are activating.
  • The data of installation.
  • Information that helps confirm that the product key information has not been altered.
  • Activation also sends to Letasoft a number generated from the computer’s hardware configuration. This number does not represent any personal information or information about the software. It cannot be used to determine the make or model of the computer and it cannot be calculated to determine any additional information about your computer. Along with standard computer information, some additional language settings are collected.

What do I need to have to activate Sound Booster?

You will need the product key that has been emailed to you upon purchasing Sound Booster and connection to the Internet.

How can I activate without the Internet?

You can activate Sound Booster absolutely without the Internet but it will take some time. Please contact us at for details.

Why am I getting “The product key you typed is already in use” message?

Most likely you exceeded the number of activations allowed for Sound Booster edition you have bought. Please contact us at

Privacy Statement

The software can detect and accept changes to your PC configuration. Minor upgrades do not require re-activation. If you uninstall the product you might be required to activate your product again. Some changes to your computer components or the software might require you to reactivate the software.

If you are unable to complete activation, you might receive a message with a link to a Web site where you can learn more about why activation failed. If you choose to follow that link, information about why you failed activation is sent to Letasoft. This information might include information normally sent during activation.

You might also be asked to reactivate your copy of the software. If this happens, an Activation Wizard might allow you to obtain more information online about your licensing state and how to resolve activation issues. Choosing to obtain information online about your licensing state sends information normally sent during activation.

If you do not activate or reactivate your copy of the software, you might not be able to use it or it might be marked as not properly licensed. For example, there might be a visual indication in the title bar that your copy is not properly licensed.

None of the information collected through activation or reactivation is used to personally identify you. In certain cases, such as where activation is done by using a volume licensing key or when your product is being checked to see if it is genuine, none of the information related to activation is sent to Letasoft.

How can I move Sound Booster to a different computer?

If your license allows to install Sound Booster only on 1 computer you will need to deactivate Sound Booster on old computer before you can activate it on the new one. This can be easily done by clicking “Deactivate Software…” menu item in Sound Booster’s context menu. If you encounter any problems with this process just let us know and we will gladly help.

Using Sound Booster

How can I make Sound Booster start on Windows startup?

Right click on the icon of Sound Booster at the system tray. Choose Settings menu item. In the dialog that opened please check the “Start on Windows startup” setting. If it is checked, Sound Booster will start automatically on Windows startup.

Why sound level drops to original level sometimes?

Most likely you are running trial version of Sound Booster. In trial version Sound Booster stops to amplify sound for 5 seconds every 5 minutes.

Why am I hearing a sound distortion while using Sound Booster?

Sound Booster can’t do magic. If the speakers of your PC can’t handle the dynamic range Sound Booster outputs, you might hear some distortion. Try to reduce the level of boost a little bit. We are constantly working on improving the quality of sound. Check out the latest version. Perhaps it has been already fixed.

How can I assign a hot key to amplify sound?

Right click on the icon of Sound Booster at the system tray. Choose Settings menu item. In the dialog that opens you can asign two separate hot keys for increasing and decreasing boost level.

Sound Booster doesn’t make any difference on my sound. Why?

Make sure that check box “Enable” is checked and boost level slider is moved all the way up to 500%. Then try switching to a different Boost Modes. If nothing helps you may want to try SuperBoost setting. If you hear sound distortions when SuperBoost is enabled, try lowering boost level to 200-300%.

Why my computer is slower than usual when Sound Booster is enabled?

Although boosting sounds is not a CPU-intensive operation it can cause some slowness on low spec computers. In this case you may want to avoid using “Injection and APO effect” boost mode and use two others instead. Also make sure that Compressor setting is not enabled because it will also use some CPU resources.

Updates and upgrades

Am I eligible for free upgrade to the latest version?

You can upgrade to the latest version of Sound Booster if you purchased your copy within the last year.

How can I upgrade to the latest version?

Right click on Sound Booster’s icon at system tray. Select “Check for Update…” menu item. In the dialog “Check for Update” press the “Check” button. Now you can see if there is a version of Sound Booster newer than you already have. Note that this feature requires a connection to the Internet.

Do I need a new product key to install the new version?

No, you can install the new version with your current product key. Normally you won’t be asked for your product key at all. New versions will be able to recognize your existing activation.